• Lower overhead and building quotes to meet your specific needs allows us to pass the savings along to you.
  • All pricing is based on a minimum number of participants per bus so there are no surprises in the end with increased costs to your students.
  • Know the trip that was planned and sold to you will have the same hotel, bus company, meals, or inclusions when you travel.
  • Building relationships with not just our schools but also our vendors is very important to us.
  • We will not compromise quality for pricing. We strive to deliver on both!
  • You can see what we see with your own Trip Sponsor login to Trip Track
  • Find out who is on the trip, on a wait list, behind on payments, and much more.
  • Send emails to parents who have children on the trip.
  • Post your required medical forms & permission slips that need returned and parents will see them every time they login to make a payment.
  • Make your room list by clicking and dragging each participant’s name.
  • Easily assign participants to buses with a click of a button.
  • Assign each student to a chaperone group.
  • Run reports that include allergy lists without entering the data yourself.
  • Download the free Student Adventures app.
  • Every school has the app custom built for their trip including their school logo.
  • Your own login & password to see everything related to your trip.
  • App is available to school staff, parents, & students.
  • See the itinerary for your trip at any time.
  • Hotel address & phone number listed.
  • Written & audio information for most stops on your trip.
  • Check the tour weather or our “What to Pack List” when preparing for the trip.
  • Menus available for all restaurants & food courts on the itinerary to see what is offered and to address any dietary restrictions.
  • No need to create text strings or set-up a Remind for your trip.
  • Send no-reply text messages to the audience you select (teachers, parents, and/or students) before & during your trip.
  • Send push notifications to everyone who downloaded the App.
  • Announce when rest stops will be while traveling.
  • Remind students what can and cannot be brought into certain attractions.
  • Send out the meeting locations & times even changes due to weather.
  • Boys’ names appear in blue, girls in pink.
  • Click a student’s name and drag it into the room you choose.
  • System tells you how many rooms total you have to use for your group.
  • An adult connected to a student is automatically placed on the same bus.
  • Adults who register to attend as chaperones can indicate another chaperone he/she prefers to room with on the trip.
  • Several different types of reports are available to you at the touch of button.
  • All the information is collected at the time of registration.
  • Bus lists can be run by bus with girls’ rooms in pink & boys’ in blue.
  • The Chaperone Groups provides the names of the students and their cell phone numbers so that chaperone can set-up a text string for the trip.
  • Student Adventures specializes in travel within the United States and Canada.
  • We only work with student groups.
  • No foreign countries, cruises, personal, or business travel.
  • Our entire focus & expertise is student travel within the USA & Canada.

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Student Adventures makes a school trip painless!  Thanks for everything!

- Dinah McKinney, National Heritage Academy, Detroit Merit

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