All payments are non-refundable when made without purchasing Cancellation Super Protector or meeting standard Cancellation Protector terms as detailed below:

Cancellation Super Protector (CSP): (Available for a small fee)

With the purchase of CSP, participants may cancel for any reason, any time prior to departure and receive a full refund less the cost of the protection and any Non-Refundable fees listed below. 

The CSP does not make refunds in the event the entire trip is canceled as a result of or following an
act of God, war (whether declared or not), terrorism, or civil unrest. The Standard Group cancellation
policy will apply (see full terms and conditions).

Non-Refundable Fees: The non-refundable fees include the cost of the CSP, bank NSF Fees, Late Payment fees, phoned in payments, fees for Auto-Pay declined credit card or electronic checks, and Trip Add-ons(shirts, photos, sweatshirts)

This protection excludes non-refundable airfare or tickets if purchased on your behalf.

Standard Cancellation Protector: (Included at no charge)

This policy is for every participant who travels with Student Adventures and chooses not to purchase the Cancellation Super Protector (CSP). You may (in writing) cancel your reservation and receive a full refund within five days following your initial payment. Beyond the five-day grace period, if you, the school, Trip Sponsor, or school administration cancels your reservation for any reason, Student Adventures will base your refund from the schedule below:

Please Note: Student Adventures will make vendor payments on your behalf to secure the best pricing and availability for items like airfare and show tickets. Non-refundable vendor payments are typically made soon after your initial deposit is made. Some vendors, such as hotels, may charge penalties for cancellation within 120 days of departure. Each vendor has different polices.

Each student is given a lanyard to wear during the tour. This tag has a 24-hour emergency number on it and is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a Student Adventures employee who is trained to deal with any situation that may arise. Student Adventures will communicate with the Tour Director to coordinate the best care possible. Remember, emergency medical health coverage is provided and will provide up to $3000 per incident.

For additional peace of mind, Student Adventures updates and trains all employees annually on the most recent crisis management plans. Feel free to request a copy of this crisis plan from your Tour Consultant.

If you have downloaded the Your Trip App, the nearest care centers will be listed with address and phone information. If you did not download the App, and we highly recommend you do or you can ask your Tour Director for this information.

You will find Emergency Information, including contact information of Tour Directors, Student Adventures 24/7 Help Desk, Care Centers, What to do in case of Emergency, etc. under Your Trip App. Again, if you did not download this App, it is highly recommended you do. If you do not have a Smart Phone, this information can be provided to you by Student Adventures.

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Student Adventures makes a school trip painless!  Thanks for everything!

- Dinah McKinney, National Heritage Academy, Detroit Merit

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