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Embark on a journey of educational discovery with our dedicated platform designed to enrich teaching experiences. Here, educators find a gateway to unlock transformative learning adventures for their students. From essential trip details to financial support and innovative technology resources, we’re here to empower teachers in shaping unforgettable educational journeys. Get ready to explore, learn, and inspire!

  • Trip Basics
  • Financial Information
  • Technology Perks
  • Motorcoach Operators
  • Hotels
  • Overnight Security

Student Adventures contracts ABA (American Bus Association) members.

Preferred motorcoach operators in Michigan are Trinity Transportation, Indian Trails, Bianco, Blue Lakes, Dean Trailways, Great Lakes & Air Bear.

All our motor coach companies are fully insured and carry a minimum of a $5,000,000 General Liability insurance policy.

On-board restroom facility, DVD player with monitors, individual reclining seats, climate-controlled, professional driver to safely operate the coach.

For destinations that require extended drive times, “bump” drivers are scheduled to pick-up at the school and drive for a period of time before being replaced by the main driver. We make sure travel hours and driver scheduling are kept well under the D.O.T guidelines. Relief drivers, mileage, and hours are strictly watched.

Student Adventures has worked and contracted with hotel partners that have worked to provide, touchless check-ins, modified elevator use along with additional sanitizing protocols to all common areas.

  • Always clean

    Our hotel partners are deep cleaning each room with new COVID-19 cleaning protocols.

  • Student-Friendly

    Student Adventures contracts “student-friendly” hotels who desire our business.

  • Breakfast included

    Contactless Breakfast to include staff serving buffet stations or grab and go boxed breakfast.

  • Safe & Secure

    No balconies, exterior exits, or pay-per-view access for all rooms.

  • Quick and Easy

    Key Packets Sorted by Bus with limited congestion in the lobby area and individual bus check-in procedure Boys and girls placed on separate floors.

  • Guards on Duty

    Student Adventures hire outside security to patrol hallways from 10:30pm-5:30am. Guards have been background checked and the security company is bonded.

  • Guards on Duty

    Student Adventures contracts licensed, insured, and bonded security companies to provide guards to patrol hallways generally from 10:30pm to 5:30am.

  • Security on Every Level

    One guard is hired per bus with the intention of placing at least one guard per floor.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Guards provide the trip sponsor & tour director with a written report recording each hour of activity throughout the night.

  • Guard Duties

    The guard’s duty generally consists of making sure the noise level stays down and all students stay in their rooms.

  • Guards NEVER Enter a Room

    Any major incidents discovered results in the trip sponsor being notified by the guard to report to a specific room.

  • Scholarships & Teacher Benefits
  • Insurance & Protections
  • Price & Quality
  • Travel Scholarships Available

    Student Adventures is a SYTA member. Any of our student travelers may apply for a travel scholarship – http://www.syta.org/default.asp?contentID=34

  • Custom Scholarships

    Build-in your own scholarship fund distributed to whomever you choose.

  • Incentive Matching

    Student Adventures will match whatever incentive your current provider offers.

  • $2,000,000 in liability coverage
  • $3,000 Health & Accident Insurance Included for Every Participant at no charge.
  • Deposits made by participants are guaranteed in our Consumer Protection Program.
  • Cancellation Super Protector available to all participants provides 100% refund minus the cost of any non-fundables.
  • 24-Hour Emergency line is printed on the name tag for each student and the number is toll free to anyone to contact.
  • Lanyards for the name tags and stickers with each participant’s name are sent to the school prior to the trip and can be distributed during the trip check-in.
  • Savings

    Lower overhead and building quotes to meet your specific needs allows us to pass the savings along to you.

  • Transparent Minimums

    All pricing is based on a minimum number of participants per bus so there are no surprises in the end with increased costs to your students.

  • Details Locked In

    Know the trip that was planned and sold to you will have the same hotel, bus company, meals, or inclusions when you travel.

  • Strong Relationships

    Building relationships with not just our schools but also our vendors is very important to us.

  • No Compromises

    We will not compromise quality for pricing. We strive to deliver on both!

  • Domestic Travel Only

    Our entire focus & expertise is student travel within the USA & Canada. No foreign countries, cruises, personal, or business travel. We know the needs of our market well.

  • EasyTrack
  • TripApp
  • TripChat
  • Room List
  • Reports
  • You can see what we see with your own Trip Sponsor login to EasyTrack
  • Find out who is on the trip, on a waitlist, behind on payments, and much more.
  • Send emails to parents who have children on the trip.
  • Post your required medical forms & permission slips that need to be returned and parents will see them every time they login to make a payment.
  • Make your room list by clicking and dragging each participant’s name.
  • Easily assign participants to buses with a click of a button.
  • Assign each student to a chaperone group.
  • Run reports that include allergy lists without entering the data yourself.
  • Download the free Student Adventures app.
  • Every school has the app custom built for their trip including their school logo.
  • Your own login & password to see everything related to your trip.
  • The TripApp is available to school staff, parents, & students.
  • See the itinerary for your trip at any time.
  • Hotel address & phone number listed.
  • Written & audio information for most stops on your trip.
  • Check the tour weather or our “What to Pack List” when preparing for the trip.
  • Menus available for all restaurants & food courts on the itinerary to see what is offered and to address any dietary restrictions.
  • No need to create text strings or set-up a Remind for your trip.
  • Send no-reply text messages to the audience you select (teachers, parents, and/or students) before & during your trip.
  • Send push notifications to everyone who downloaded the App.
  • Announce when rest stops will be while traveling.
  • Remind students what can and cannot be brought into certain attractions.
  • Send out the meeting locations & times even changes due to weather.
  • Boys’ names appear in blue, girls in pink.
  • Click a student’s name and drag it into the room you choose.
  • The system tells you how many rooms total you have to use for your group.
  • An adult connected to a student is automatically placed on the same bus.
  • Adults who register to attend as chaperones can indicate another chaperone he/she prefers to room with on the trip.
  • Several different types of reports are available to you at the touch of a button.
  • All the information is collected at the time of registration.
  • Bus lists can be run by bus with girls’ rooms in pink & boys’ in blue.
  • The Chaperone Groups provides the names of the students and their cell phone numbers so that chaperone can set-up a text string for the trip.